Message to Musicians:  All questions about playing with the South Shore Brass Band should be directed to Personnel Manager, DaleLane. You can reach her via email    or by phone at (219) 924-1522

Eb Soprano Cornet
Mark Danielson
Scott Spriggs

Bb Cornet
Larry Lane
David Allie
Ed Murray
Dan Buhring
Rich Lynch
Kristina Greene
Charles Mann
Scott Spriggs
Steve Strains

Chuck Bailey

Alto Horn
Philip Hahn
Don Evans
Becky Krampen
Jim Deal

Euphonium/Baritone Horn
Vincent Arizzi
Julie Barney
Wayne Coil
Dale Lane

Len Bessette
Kristin Engelbert
Tom Miller
Aaron Lugo

John Weber
Wayne Coil
Matt Hibbetts
Dakota Maze
Ross Nuccio
Nick Strombeck

Andrew Ables
Elliot Borg

Personnel Manager
Dale Lane